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MINIX NEO Storage was developed exclusively for Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro and includes an integrated SSD memory, HDMI output for a 4K display [4K @ 30Hz], Two USB 3.0 ports for devices or USB drives and a USB C™ port for connecting your own existing USB C™ charger [used only for looping through the power supply [power delivery]. The aluminum casing fits perfectly with your Apple MacBook.


SKU: PMS0023
  • Laptop docking station  
    Type A USB-C® plug  
    Type B USB-C® socket (Power Delivery), USB 3.2 1st Gen port A (USB 3.0), HDMI socket  
    Compatible with Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro  
    Compatible with Apple  
    Supported monitors 1  
    Resolution (max.) 3840 x 2160 p  
    Memory capacity 120 GB  
    Factory colour Silver  
    Features Charging function, Built-in SSD  
    Width 115 mm  
    Height 11 mm  
    Depth 43.5 mm  
    Dim (W x H x D) 115 x 11 x 43.5 m
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